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Supporting you,
supporting young people

Training, events and learning resources for Norfolk and Waveney's children and young people's mental health and wellness workforce.

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We are thrilled to be welcoming Mental Health Champions to the TALK Centre. If you are a Mental Health Champion and would like to register with the TALK Centre, you can sign up or contact us at

There will be new content and updates on TALK over the next few months, we can’t wait to share our new resources with you.

For you

Training, research and learning resources for supporting your understanding and development when working with children and young people in mental health and wellness services.

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For your team

The latest modules, research, and training opportunities for you and your team. Accessible for all organisations working in Children and Young People’s mental health and wellness services throughout Norfolk and Waveney.

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The TALK Centre offers training, learning materials, practical applications for research and access to events across Norfolk and Waveney.

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Training and events

Training opportunities throughout the region, featuring online and face to face training for all workers in mental health and wellness services for children and young people.

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Learning resources

Find out the latest learning, operational models and practical application through the TALK learning resources hub. Featuring iThrive, NICE guidelines and much more.

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Led by young people

Find out how Youth in Mind developed the children and young people’s charter, putting their experience at the centre of mental health development within the region.

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It's a really good opportunity to speak quite openly to other professionals and to just have that bit of support

Mental Health Champion

Young people are at the centre of all we do and are a part of our team at TALK.

Organisational leadership and young people

Including young people into the decision making for organisations working within the field of mental health allows for change which will benefit all services for children and young people.

The value of lived experiences

Lived experiences are unique and offer specific insights into mental health delivery for children and young people. Understanding lived experiences creates improvement to the delivery of services