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About us

The TALK Centre is a collaboration between children and young people’s mental health organisations within Norfolk and Waveney. We are dedicated to improving training, information and resource access for practitioners at all levels. We are supported by Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust, MAP and other local organisations.

Our vision

To improve the mental health provision for children and young people in Norfolk and Waveney through equitable access to training, learning materials and research for all areas of the workforce.

TALK is…

A team of young people sat around a table with their manager looking on


We provide training and learning services for all stakeholders, organisations and young people across Norfolk and Waveney, sharing excellence in practice for the system, by the system, while remaining centred around the improvement of services for young people.

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We listen to children, young people and the workforce at all levels, to ensure that we provide the service needed to enable transformational change within mental health services. We adapt to fit the need of the workforce at any specific time.

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We value all experiences, believing that knowledge is gained equally through professional qualifications and lived experience. We ensure that view points and the lived experience of young people is shared with practitioners, to inform improvement within mental health services. We strive to develop ourselves, so that resources will become open to all who may benefit from the TALK Centre.

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We are open and honest about our goals, development and ongoing practices to ensure that the TALK Centre can be trusted by young people and the work force. We are committed to communicating our goals and our plans to achieve them in a clear measurable way. We actively seek feedback from all areas of the children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing services and from additional organisations to inform our improvement plan.

Our supporters

We would like to acknowledge our supporters for enabling our work and facilitating change within the workforce. Thank you for all that you do to improve the lives of young people.

Our team

The TALK Centre has a small dedicated team who are focused on the development and delivery of our services. You can contact us here or email

Vicki Saul

TALK Centre Manager

Ruby O'Callaghan

TALK Project Officer

Becky Reeve

Communications Officer

A life coach teaching breathing techniques

TALK is a place that listens to the workforce and supports us to find the information we need.

Youth Worker

If you are a health professional in Norfolk and Waveney, access to our free resources is simple.

We are young people centred, young people led.

Organisational leadership and young people

Including young people into the decision making for organisations working within the field of mental health allows for change which will benefit all services for children and young people.

The value of lived experiences

Lived experiences are unique and offer specific insights into mental health delivery for children and young people. Understanding lived experiences creates improvement to the delivery of services.