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Developing the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Charter

Read how Youth in Mind developed the children and young people’s charter, putting their experience at the centre of mental health development within the region.

Step 1: Key stakeholder consultation

The consultation involved a number of stakeholders, including statutory and voluntary sector organisations from across the children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing services. The discussions examined understanding expectations, the anticipated impact for the charter and established the parameters of the project.

Step 2: CYP group workshop

Youth in Mind designed a workshop based on the outcomes decided with key stakeholders. The workshop was taken to a wide range of Children and Young People’s groups. The groups were chosen to gain input from children and young people from a wide range of ages and lived experiences.

Step 3: CYP online survey

The survey, conducted over the summer, received more than 100 responses by children and young people. The results from the survey supported the information gained from the group workshops, providing strong guidance for the charter direction.

Step 4: YP Charter Writing group formed

The writing group was made up of young people with lived experience of mental health and wellbeing services within Norfolk and Waveney, working closely with professionals at Youth in Mind.

Step 5: First draft of charter developed

6 themes of the charter:

  • Services will care
  • Staff will support and be well supported themselves
  • Right help, right time, right way
  • Treatment will be personalised to meet individual needs
  • Communication will be effective
  • Young people will have a voice

Step 6: Consultation on the first draft

The first draft of the charter was taken to focus groups for further development and refinement.

Step 7: Final version of charter agreed

The final version of the Charter was agreed by all stakeholders and the Children and Young People’s Charter writing group.

Step 8: Launch of the Charter

The Charter will launch online and at events through the winter 2022.

Step 9: Develop communication tools

Young people will be working with professionals to develop communication and evaluation methods to ensure that organisations fully understand and use the Charter within their work.

Step 10: Work with service providers to evaluate impact

Tracking will assess the effect of the charter in improving the provision of mental health services for children and young people within Norfolk and Waveney.

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