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The Children and Young People’s Charter

Created by young people, in partnership with Youth in Mind, the Children and Young People's Charter outlines the specific ways that children and young people want mental health services to work for them.

The Children and Young Peoples Charter

Services will care

By being open and honest

By showing kindness and being understanding

By providing safety, security and explaining confidentiality

By being welcoming and respecting all young people without judgement

Staff will support and be well supported themselves

By being interested in young people as individuals, not just their symptoms

By genuinely caring and actively listening to young people

By combining knowledge, skills, and experience to provide the best possible care

By working together across services

Staff will be well trained and supported by regular supervision and good working systems

Right help, right time, right way

Referrals to and between services will be simple and quick

Services will be honest about waiting times and will provide effective support in the meantime

Young people will have access to 24-hour support online, by phone, in person and will have choice about how and where they access help

Services will be easy to access by all young people, especially those with additional needs

Treatment will be personalised to meet individual needs

A range of support will be available, starting with prevention of mental illness and early intervention through to life beyond mental health services

All Information about services and treatments will be clear, accurate and up to date

Service providers will be honest about how they can help and will involve the young person in planning their treatment

Communication will be effective

By being young person friendly and explaining all professional language

By being regular, relevant and to the point

By being available in different formats and languages

By connecting everyone involved in a young persons care

Young people will have a voice

Young peoples experience will be valued and used to help make services better for everyone

Young people will be made aware of their rights and supported to ensure they receive the right care

Services will encourage regular feedback and use it to make improvements

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