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Terms and Conditions

TALK Centre Terms and Conditions


You are welcome to use our site if you work or volunteer with children and young people in an area related to their mental health or supporting to improve it; are over 16 years old, and want to know more about training, learning, research, and wellbeing. There are areas of the site that are particularly suitable for specialist professions, such as GPs, mental health workers and HR departments for organisations or volunteer groups working in this field. These areas can be found using the search filters in the TALK Hub. TALK is not aimed directly at children and young people, but is for those who support them. TALK is not aimed at parents or carers, who are welcome to use our site but may find more suitable materials at


You can freely read and download our resources for use by your organisation, team or personal development use. We ask that you do not copy and/or publish content from or related sites on paper/online/digital areas without our written permission. We ask that you do not use our logo or name unless you have our direct permission. The TALK Centre name and logo are copyrighted and belong to the Mancroft Advice Project (MAP).


You are responsible for the security and details linked to your account. Please keep your details up to date and do not share your password with anyone. Accounts are free to create and use, so you can recommend us to your colleagues to create their own account and keep your password safe.


We manually accept members based on their location and work within the sector. We primarily do this based on email address. We may contact you if we do not recognise your organisation or you are using a private email address. We do this to make sure that we do not cause any distress to individuals accessing potentially triggering information by accidentally registering without understanding TALKs purpose. We try to contact everyone as soon as possible, so we do not delay registration more than necessary.


Our users, members and contributors are expected to maintain professional standards within their work and public person. We reserve the right to remove any content or close user accounts if our values, reputation, rights or any legal standards and/or laws have been broken or damaged.


While we do regular reviews of our site, we cannot manage the content of others. We do not directly or indirectly approve of content accessed through links or text on the TALK Centre website. Other websites will have their own terms, conditions, privacy rules and content. Please do check them when accessing other sites. You access other sites through TALK at your own risk. TALK is not responsible for maintaining any links to other sites or organisational resources. If you do see a broken or unsuitable link, please contact us, and we will work as quickly as possible to update and/or remove it.


TALK strives to deliver the best content possible for the sector in Norfolk and Waveney. We are always open to feedback about our work. Please do let us know any thoughts you have for additional material, improvements, or ideas. You can contact us through the site contact links or at info@talkcentre.

For more information

If you have any questions or require more information about our terms and conditions, please contact or fill in the contact form

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