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Training and events

We offer orientation and targeted training sessions for the mental health workforce across the region, facilitating shared training between organisations. We hold regular networking events and strive to share examples of best practice for all

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In person training

We facilitate in person training for organisations across Norfolk and Waveney in a wide variety of areas. Available training can be found within the TALK Hub or by subscribing to our newsletter. If you would like to join up for the newsletter without accessing the TALK hub, email us at

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Online courses

To find out more about the online training, check out our training within the TALK Centre Hub.

If you would like to promote training that you are offering, or would like us to provide you with support to organise and offer your training, please email us at

Currently available on TALK


To find more about training and to book your place, register with TALK and use our hub search to locate training that will support you to support children and young people.


The following is a selection of training that available free for the professional and volunteer workforce in Norfolk and Waveney. Register for TALK to book your place on these or to locate other free training.

  • Children’s Workforce Mental Health Training
  • Eating Disorder Clinical Network Webinars
  • Elearning for Healthcare
  • iThrive Foundation Training
  • New National Care, Education and Treatment Review (CETR) and Dynamic Support Registers (DSR) policy and training
  • Norfolk Multi-agency Training Week
  • NSFT Clinical Research Training Programme
  • Training for people working or volunteering in mental health
  • Working with young people who self-harm and/or feel suicidal

You can also access past trainings through videos and slide downloads


If you are involved with children and young people’s mental health support in Norfolk and Waveney, access to our free resources is simple.

Training and events coming soon

Introduction to iThrive

Join us to find out more about the Thrive approach, as well as tools and resources which may be useful when introducing Thrive and i-Thrive approaches into your workplace.

Read more : Introduction to iThrive
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TALK is a place that listens to the workforce and supports us to find the information we need.

Youth Worker

If you work within the field of children and young people’s mental health services in Norfolk and Waveney, access to our free resources is simple.

Can’t see an answer for your question above?

Young people are at the centre of all we do and are a part of our team at TALK so we can better understand what they need.

Organisational leadership and young people

Including young people into the decision making for organisations working within the field of mental health allows for change which will benefit all services for children and young people.

The value of lived experiences

Lived experiences are unique and offer specific insights into mental health delivery for children and young people. Understanding lived experiences creates improvement to the delivery of services.